We offer the EASIEST ordering possible when turning your t-shirts into a quilt. We don’t offer a ton of options, but we think it’s better that way. It keeps our prices low and gets your quilt back to you even quicker. Plus, we’re just cool.

Anyway, head over the the shop page and take a look at all of the fabric options. Decide on the size/number of shirts you’d like. Once you select that item, you can choose the fabric backing and make any additional requests. Buy it with your credit card right there. You’ll get an order confirmation that you should then print and send along with your t-shirts in a box.

We recommend that you wrap your t-shirts in plastic and insure the package with your preferred shipping agency in order to avoid any unnecessary sadness and regret later.

We will let you know when your t-shirts arrive and keep you up to date on progress. We’ll ship back via FedEx to your home and send you a shipping confirmation number once it heads out of here.


We lovingly chop up your favorite t-shirts, back them with a fusible fabric to ensure their longevity and strength, arrange them in a pleasing way, sew them together and then add your choice of fabric. It is finished by sewing the layers together along each intersection to keep strong.

Also, we end up with lots of scraps and try to reuse them as much as possible. Like making friendship bracelets (which you just might find in the box with your finished quilt. We hope you will share).